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Roman Shades install Inside your window jamb or over your window depending on the window opening and the look you desire. Roman shades traditionally raise and lower to provide both view and privacy.

There are many styles of Roman Shades, and naming conventions are not universal – but here are our favorites.

Flat Roman Shade- a great basic option, this style looks best with a fabric that has some interesting design elements. That could be banding, or a printed or embroidered fabric that visually catches your eye.

Soft Roman Shade -similar to a flat shade, but with a bottom that curves, or swoops, as it is raised. This style can be very romantic, and has a relaxed and casual feel. This style of shade also requires some dressing, or shaping of the folds, when you raise it for them to stay crisply folded.

Slat Front- A similar look to a flat front, this roman shade style incorporates some structure into the shade itself to help the fabric fold up crisply when the shade is raised, making for simple operation

Soft Fold Roman Shade- The most luxurious of all Roman Shades, and requiring the most fabric, soft fold shades have several folds of fabric that are about 6-8" long. They are at their best with light to medium weight fabric and require the largest investment of all roman shades styles.

In addition to shade styles, there are multiple lift systems available to raise and lower your roman shade. This includes standard cord lock, clutch operated lift system, and the newest, child safe style -- cordless roman shade operation.

For more information on what makes a great roman shade, check out our blog post about the details that make all the difference in roman shades on our blog. 

Beyond what is listed above, several other styles of Roman Shades are available.  All our roman shades are full custom.   This means the fabric, lining, lift system and style are all specified for your home.  Message or contact us  us today to set up your consultation on Roman Shades in Oklahoma City Metro area.